Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Contest: Scary Story

We have been talking about how our story is all stories and not much activity outside of the group story so here we are with a contest! Anyone, boy or girl, between the ages of ten and eighteen are welcome to participate! The deadline is Saturday, March 28. You must write......

A scary story!


500-2000 words. Anything more than 10 words over or under WILL be disqualified.

Make it shivers-up-my-spine scary, but not outright horrifying! Nothing super gory or psychotic please! 

The idea is to get some practice with writing, so please make sure that you have written this story specifically for this contests and that it is your own! 

Our first, second, and third picks will be posted on this blog. After that, everyone will have a chance to vote for the winner. The winner wins... ummm... the title of 'Epic Story Writer' and will earn lots and lots of honour. Send your pictures to 

Any late entries will be disqualified.

Can't wait to read all of your scary stories!

Keona & Somiya
'Keep Writing Epic Stories!'

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