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Chapter Five: Pirate Story Theme

Esmerelda, Jackson, and Asher navigated their way through the winding streets of the unfamiliar town. It was a busy place, and at times they had to fight there way through the crowd. Esmerelda had to practically tun to keep up with the men's long strides as they hurried to the inn. 
 An older, graying man in royal clothes pushed his way toward them. "Relda?" he called. "Relda?"
Esmerelda started. Relda had been her nickname back home. "I'm here" she answered before she knew what she was saying.
"What's that?" Asher asked, turning toward her.
  "Nothing" Esmerelda said. "Just...talking...to myself."
The older man must have been looking for someone else because he walked past them without a second glance. 
  Esmerelda wanted to kick herself.That's it. she thought. From now on I must even think of myself as Caspian before i wreck everything. One mistake is all it takes. 
She hurried after Jackson and Asher before she lost them. As the sun was going down, they reached the inn...which looked like it was in shambles. Asher pushed open the creaking door and they walked in.
Inside was badly lit, smelly, and noisy. It was easily the worst place Esmerelda had ever been in. Jackson and Asher didn't seem to mind it, and stepped up to a counter at the front of the room.
"Supper, and a room for three" Jackson said loudly, throwing several coins down.
 "There's one empty" said the man behind the counter, who looked like a cross between a weasel and a rat. He pocketed the coins saying. "I'll show you to it now."
   The three of them followed the small man down a dark hallway and into a small room with a bed and a chair.
 "Two of ye will have to sleep on the floor," the man said apologetically. "But I might be able to scrounge up some blankets...if the mice 'n' lice haven't gotten into 'em...
  Esmerelda tried to contain a shudder at the thought.
"Come on, lets go get some food" Jackson said.
"I think I'll stay here" Esmerelda suggested. "Its been a long day...get some sleep..." she trailed off as they stared at her. 
 "Whatever" Jackson said. "You starve, not my problem." The two of them left the room, leaving Esmerelda alone. 
Looking around Esmerelda spotted a balcony off their room.Its kind of warm here, she thought. Sleeping outside looks like my best option. 
It actually was freezing outside, but Esmerelda was asleep as soon as she lay down. Still, she spent the early hours of the morning shivering, and was happy when the town finally awoke. 

"Cap'n gave me some coins to buy supplies today" Jackson told them as they ate a breakfast of porridge in the inn's dining room. "The place is not too far from here."
  Half and hour later, the three of them hurried through the streets until they came to the specified shop. 
"Stay here" Jackson ordered her and Asher. "I'll get the supplies."
Esmerelda and Asher sat down on a wooden bench near the door, with nothing better to do than watch the town life. One man caught Esmerelda's eye...he looked very, very familiar. Its Bekker! she thought. Thomas Bekker was a close family friend back in Jamaica. He was across the street, nailing something to a post. Then he turned, and walked directly over to her and Asher. Coming up to the shop, he nailed a piece of parchment to the door. Squinting, she was just able to see what it said.
  There was a large portrait of her- done at her 16th birthday party. Underneath were the words:
 Bekker picked up his hammer, and walked over to them. His eyes settled on Esmerelda, and he studied her intently. 
"Esmerelda?" he said cautiously.
"What???" Asher said. 
Esmerelda froze. Time to get out of here- NOW! she thought. She jumped from the bench, pushed past Bekker, and sprinted down the street. panting for breath, and hearing foorsteps behind her, she ducked behind a pile of firewood and hoped desperately that they wouldn't find her. Trying to slow her heartbeat, she listened to two British soldiers talk a few paces away. 
"I can't believe we're doing this" the one said. "We must be crazy! We're going on a ship whose mission is to hunt down the Maelstrom and capture her?? We are crazy."
"Well its too late, we can't back out now" the other one said. "Come on lets go- ship leaves in 20 minutes. Listening to their footsteps fade away, one thought was going through Esmerelda's mind. I MUST GET ON THAT SHIP.

Thank you so much, Kay! This was an amazing chapter! Aislinn Brown, it's your turn! Can't wait to hear what you have next!

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And the Winners Are.......

So...All of the stories of people who entered were amazing! It was hard to choose. In the end, we chose two.We have two winners for the contest!

And they are:
1. Karalynn
2. Chloe

We will tell you two when it is your turn to do a second chapter :)

We will post their stories below....

                                                              THE TRUE MAGIC
                                                               By: Karalynn Shade

     Mr. Kolinky’s day started out being the kind of day that could be confused with any old day;
nothing was unique about it, no especially sick patients. There was no exciting news or new doctors.
It was just his patients, his coworkers, and him. He saw the little girl with the bad eyesight, the boy with
half a heart, Clara with the healing broken ankle, and many others.
His day was winding down with nothing new when the nurse walked in. Mr. Kolinky smiled and
said, “Who is next on the agenda, Laurrie?”
The man looked back at him solemnly, “Leah, the girl who was diagnosed with cancer, but then
it went away? Well, she’s back and is having such severe repercussions; we know she won’t live but for
another day.”
        Mr. Kolinky frowned the sad kind of frown and swiftly answered, “Well send her right in.”
The girl was sent in and was checked upon. Seeing the nurses were right, Mr. Kolinky felt
compelled to make the quiet, strong little girl happy. He asked them to wait for a moment as he left the
room. He went out to his car and took out his fairy costume. He walked back up to his examination room
as quickly as he could.
      Donning the fairy wings, flower garland, and holding out the newest flower bouquet, he entered
the room again. His countenance was completely changed from that of a grave look to a small smile.
He walked up to the little girl and held out the flower bouquet and said, “I have a secret job as a fairy and
all the fairies want to give this to you. You’re a beautiful and brave girl.” Leah took the flowers from
the man’s hands, “I heard you once beat cancer!”
The girl nodded and smiled, “Yes I did. Everyone said it was almost impossible.”
      The doctor nodded, “Impossible it is, but you did show that you could put up a fight. You like us
fairies don’t you?”
At this, the girl nodded, somewhat puzzled, “Yes I do. I love fairies!”
“Well,” the doctor decided to break the news. The mother could tell what was coming and
began to sob quietly. The doctor continued, “You’re going to become a fairy soon. You’ll get to join us all
in Fairyland.”
The girl’s eyes grew wide, “Really!? Will my friends get to too?”
The doctor chuckled, “No, but you’ll get to in just about a day.”
       When the doctor finally released the girl about her day and had talked to the mother about how
long the girl had and to just let the little girl enjoy her day, he began to leave for home. He walked
out into the hallway with his costume still on and he saw standing there his daughter with her babysitter.
The little girl asked, “Daddy? Why do you only cheer up patients with that costume and make
THEM laugh? Why don’t you ever make me laugh?”
     Mr. Kolinky stood speechless for a moment, just thinking about what the girl had just said. His
late wife had died and left her child with him, whom he was not even related to but through his wife,
and yet he did love the little girl, although sometimes it was tough. He contemplated why he had
never treated the small girl like any of his other patients.
He then realized the little girl saw him as her father and loved him dearly. His eyes felt a little
wet as he crouched down and looked into her eyes. He said to her with love, “You know, Alyssa, 
that's a very good question. What do you say we talk about what it is you want you and me to do over ice
    Alyssa’s eyes widened, “REALLY!?” Mr. Kolinky nodded and when they began walking toward
the car, the little girl turned up to him, “I love you, Daddy.”
Mr. Kolinky smiled as he looked down at the little princess and replied quite truthfully, “I love
you too.”


    Professor Muttenberg checked his watch and let out a high pitched cry. He was going to be late! He hastily stuffed his papers into his briefcase, flipped the light switch, and slammed the door to his classroom. He ran down the hallway and down the stairs yelling his goodbyes to his fellow teachers. Most shook their heads at his antics, some chuckled fondly.
    The professor straddled his bike and quite clumsily pedaled to his small, yet homey apartment. He greeted Mrs. Avery and her poodle, Samson, halfway up the stairs leaving for a walk and practically ran over Mr. Smithson. Reaching his apartment, he flung his briefcase onto the bed.
    “Oh me-oh my, let’s see what I have here.” he knelt at the chest which sat at the end of the bed and pulled out his flowery wand, butterfly wings, and flower headband.
    “This should do it-now back down the stairs!” he fled down stairs falling twice and slamming into Mrs. Avery at the bottom.
    “Why, Professor Muttenberg! Did I not just see going up the stairs just seconds ago?” she huffed for it took Mrs. Avery quite some time to get down the stairs.
    “I am afraid so, and I am very sorry to greet you again in such a way. However, I am late and shall have to chat later.” The professor patted Samson and ran to his bike.
    “Well, I’ll be Samson!” Mrs. Avery chuckled as she watched him slip on his butterfly wings before speeding off.
    A couple minutes later the professor arrived at his destination and opened the heavy wooden doors.
    “Lovely evening, Margaret!” he spouted off to the young lady at the desk.
    “And to you professor!” she smiled back.
    At the door to the large room in which the professor was supposed to be stood his wife, Lois.
    “Oh! Hello dear! They are all waiting for you inside!” she said greeting him with a kiss.
    “How do I look?” he spun around. He had added his flower headband and he held out his wand.
    “Wonderful!” she laughed as she opened the door.
    The chairs were all filled except for the big one empty one at the front of the room for the professor (though he hardly ever used it). The professor scanned the smiling faces and plastered a huge grin on his own.
    “The fairy!” one of his most outspoken small friends shouted.
    “Hello children!” the professor lovingly eyed the little faces. He hoped he brightened the orphans’ day as much as they brightened his. As he opened Peter Pan (in which they had all agreed he should act Tinkerbelle in) he sighed a sigh of happiness knowing his busy schedule of juggling teaching at the university and making the little ones laugh was well worth it. He considered them his own seeing as Lois and him had never had any of their own.
    “Chapter Two.” He began being very mindful of when to switch to his Tinkerbelle voice.

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Chapter Four--Pirate Story Theme


                                   By: Karalynn Shade

                When Esmeralda finally came to, someone was holding on to her as they bobbed up and down on the water. A sudden fear overtook her and stopped her heart! Who was this and why were they in the ocean!? When she suddenly realized it was just one of the crew and that being a cabin boy was part of her new life, her fear subsided.

                Everything came flooding back to her during the shipmate’s telling of what happened, “As soon as the shout went up, you fell like a sack of salted pork, on the spot! I had to get you onto the longboat before the ship started to sink. The sea king’s swordfish, you’re light, lad! Don’t know how you aimed to be of any help on our wretched ship!”

                Esmeralda’s face flushed with resentment at this comment, but she must keep her calm and more importantly, her job, to be able to find Caspian. She tried at a man’s voice once again, “What are we going to do now?” her voice cracked up pitifully at the end, earning her a small boy’s voice, at best.

                The sailor bellowed with laughter. Her face flushed awfully at this. He continued with a grin, “Well now I see why you’re so slight and weak; you’re changing! You’re in the stage between boyhood and manhood!” He clapped her on the back. It was soft for him, but it earned her a one-way ticket forward.

                She stopped herself with a yelp before she toppled over and onto the crew seated before her. They all laughed as they continued to row.

                “But fer an answer, we’re headed to a port nearby. The Cap’n has a mighty good sense of direction and we managed to salvage most of the maps. The cargo though, is a different story. That’s all long gone.”

                Esmeralda was glad they weren’t headed back, but worried that with the loss of all the cargo, they would all have to find jobs other places at the port at which they were headed. Mostly, she just feared she wouldn’t get a new job on a different ship, then she couldn’t find Caspian! What was happening with him right then, anyway?

                The crewman noticed her worried expression and put her at ease, “Don’t worry, we won’t have to be on different crews. The Cap’n has enough money to buy another ship and more than enough cargo and supplies.”

                This made her wonder. The drop-off they had planned out in the middle of the ocean was a little weird before, but now it was mysterious. With all the money they had, Esmeralda knew they could have bought a better ship before this incident. They looked like common traders and sellers, but then where would they get all that money? It just didn’t add up.

                She looked out to the sea and noticed that the land has snuck up on them while they were in conversation. This new interest put the mysteries of the ship all behind her. She wondered what it would be like at this new place. She had never been out of her home settlement before. She was definitely getting a lot of adventure, but of course, that came with her life as Caspian.


                “All off the longboats! Let’s go get supplies!” The captain barked the orders, “Caspian, you’re with Jackson and Asher.”

                Esmeralda’s stomach sank when she heard these orders; not Jackson! Of all people, she had to be stuck with Jackson. When everyone was off the longboats she met up with Asher, figuring that at least she had a friend with her, or at least, the closest to a friend that she had right then.

                Jackson finally joined them with a pointed glance in Caspian’s direction. The three of them walked inland a bit to an inn. Esmeralda glanced around trying to add it all up. What were they doing here? She decided to play it cool and figure it out.

                Jackson took the lead by going in first.  Asher and Esmeralda walked in behind. When Jackson went behind the counter and into the room beyond, Asher leaned against the wall near the door. Esmeralda did the same, but listened in to what was being said in the room beyond. A girl can’t lose all curiosity just because she’s acting a boy.

She couldn’t hear much, but she definitely heard a bit. She heard Jackson’s low rumbling tone, “We lost our ship and it’ll take us a few days to recover. Tell them we’ll be a few days late with some of the cargo gone.”

Another man’s words, “Alright, but they’ll be none too happy about it.”

She couldn’t hear the beginning of the conversation, but she tried to get the entire end when Asher turned to her and asked, “So, how come you’ve become our cabin boy all of a sudden? Did your ship go down or are you just poor?”

Esmeralda was startled someone would question, but she didn’t stay silent for long. Taking on her boy voice and trying not to crack it, she replied, “Uh, yeah. My old ship went down and I needed to find work again.”

Asher’s eyes sparkled with laughter, “But what did you do on the old ship if you can’t even lift cargo?”

Esmeralda’s face flushed and she scrutinized some very interesting cracks in the floorboards. She was going to get laughed at but, she had to save herself some way, “I did chores for the old captain, like take him his food and such. He was a lazy old bloke.”

Asher chuckled quietly and told her his story, “I was just poor. You wouldn’t believe some of the stories of these men!”

Just then, Jackson came back out and announced, “We’re done here, but since we don’t have a ship, we’re going to be staying in an inn tonight.”
The three of them headed toward the inn that the captain had specified to Jackson.

  (Kay: You may begin Chapter 5 when ready)

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Contest Deadline

We just realised that we had forgotten to put a contest deadline for the picture contest....Oops...

The picture contest deadline is October 1. We decided to give you extra time because school is starting up again.

Have fun writing!

Chapter Three -- Pirate Story Theme

The Storm
By: Hope Covey
As dawn approached, Esmeralda made her way down to the docks where the Destiny was anchored. Rough-looking sailors moved about in the early morning, carrying heavy cargo onto the ship. Esmeralda crouched behind a large crate as she watched them.
 Suddenly, she felt a strong hand on her shoulder. Esmeralda spun around, finding herself face-to-face with the captain of the Destiny, who she had spoken to the previous night. 
“Caspian,” the captain said. 
A shiver ran down Esmeralda’s back. The captain looked much more fierce and tough than he had in the shadows last night. His black, greasy hair hung down to his shoulders; he had a scar running across his right cheek; bristly whiskers covered his face; and he smelled wretched, as if he hadn’t had a bath in years. Fastened to his thick belt was a glimmering cutlass.
“Come aboard the Destiny,” he said, motioning to the ship. “She will be your new home for the next few months…” he paused for a moment, “…Caspian.”
Esmeralda nodded, her head pounding. “Yes, Capt’n.”
The captain walked toward the ship with Esmeralda following behind. As the sailors glared at her, Esmeralda’s heart pounded wildly. She kept her hand on her right hip, where she had hidden a sharp dagger underneath her clothes.
“We’ll be sailing along the coast, stopping at ports to drop off most of the cargo. Then we’ll be heading out of this harbour to the high seas. We have some business to do out there.”
What business? Esmeralda wondered. What could they possibly be planning to do in the middle of the ocean?  
“Caspian.” The captain interrupted her thoughts as they boarded the ship. “Meet the Destiny.”
Esmeralda had to admit; it was an impressive boat with a polished wooden figurehead on the front of the ship and three large masts and huge sails.
 “Capt’n!” one of the sailors called. “The cargo is loaded; we’re ready to go.”
“Then pull in the anchor!” the captain roared.
“Aye, Capt’n.”
Six sailors reeled in the heavy iron anchor; the Destiny began to drift away from the dock. The sails were lowered, and they began to sail away. Esmeralda watched land get farther and farther away. Tears welled up in her eyes as she wondered if she would ever see her mother again.
Raucous laughter startled her back to the present. I must find Caspian, she thought determinedly.
“Caspian!” cried the captain.
“Yes, Capt’n?” Esmeralda answered quickly.
“I want you to swab the decks.”
“Yes, Capt’n.”
“You’ll find a mop and bucket down there, first door on the left.” He pointed to a door that lead down to the crew’s quarters, captain’s cabin, kitchen and lavatory. “And make it snappy!”
Esmeralda hurried below the deck, down the small stairwell. She opened the door of the little supply closet and retrieved the mop and bucket. As she shut the door, Esmeralda dashed up the steps to the main deck and began to mop the floors.
As afternoon approached, the Destiny sailed out of the harbour and into the ocean.
“Salted pork and biscuits!” one short, mean-looking sailor shouted at Esmeralda. “You want some?”
Esmeralda nodded.
“Here!” he tossed her a cloth napkin with her meal wrapped in it.
Esmeralda moved away from the crowd of sailors who were swarming around the man passing out food. She sat down in a small space between two barrels, away from all the noise, and began to eat her small meal. The food tasted plain and a bit stale, but Esmeralda was hungry and devoured it quickly.
Esmeralda sat in silence, staring at the dark thunderclouds forming west of the ship. A storm could mean they’d be delayed several hours, or days, if they were thrown off course. Lightening flashed in the distance; thunder boomed a moment later.
“Caspian!” the captain bellowed. “Caspian!”
Esmeralda quickly dashed to where the captain was standing at the bow of the ship.
“I want you to assist Jackson and Hank in getting the remaining crates and barrels into the cargo hole. Looks like we’ve got a storm heading this way.”
Esmeralda nodded. Jackson and Hank each picked up a barrel and carefully transported them to the cargo hole. Esmeralda tried to push a heavy wooden crate, but it wouldn’t budge. A very young sailor sauntered up to her. He had to be at least sixteen or seventeen, dark-haired, and brown-eyed. He was wearing a filthy shirt tucked into a pair of grimy pants. He stared down at Esmeralda, watching her struggle.
“Need help?”
“I- can- do it- myself,” she grunted. 
“You the new cabin boy?” he asked.
“Uh-huh.” Esmeralda gave up trying and stood up to her full height. She was slightly taller than the other boy.
“What’s your name?” he asked, stepping over the crate to help her.
“I’m Asher.”
Esmeralda was silent. She didn’t want to reveal anything else about herself, fearing that Asher would find out she wasn’t really who she said she was.
Asher pushed the crate to the edge of the cargo hole, and bent over and shouted down to Hank and Jackson,
“Another crate up here for you to take down.”
Esmeralda felt a raindrop splatter on her arm. Thunderclouds were covering the sky as far as she could see. Rain began to quickly fall from the sky, and the waves began to get violent and rough. The crew rushed about, tying up ropes and putting away the remaining cargo. The waves grew taller and beat against the side of the Destiny.             Esmeralda grabbed the rail and held onto it tightly, her face pale with fear. The ship rose and fell; the motion made Esmeralda feel nauseous. Her head began to spin, and the next few seconds were only a blur. She was fighting to stay conscious.
“The Destiny has sprung a leak!” somebody shouted. “Abandon ship!”
Then Esmeralda blacked out....

(Karalyn, you may start Chapter Four when ready)  


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First Contest : For Pirate Theme Story

Ok. So here's the thing. There are two girls who have to drop out of the story this time. Instead of not doing their chapters there will be a contest to decide who gets to do the chapters for them! Rules for contests are under the post Reference Guide. Pretty much write a short story for the pic below.