Saturday, October 25, 2014

And the Winners Are.......

So...All of the stories of people who entered were amazing! It was hard to choose. In the end, we chose two.We have two winners for the contest!

And they are:
1. Karalynn
2. Chloe

We will tell you two when it is your turn to do a second chapter :)

We will post their stories below....

                                                              THE TRUE MAGIC
                                                               By: Karalynn Shade

     Mr. Kolinky’s day started out being the kind of day that could be confused with any old day;
nothing was unique about it, no especially sick patients. There was no exciting news or new doctors.
It was just his patients, his coworkers, and him. He saw the little girl with the bad eyesight, the boy with
half a heart, Clara with the healing broken ankle, and many others.
His day was winding down with nothing new when the nurse walked in. Mr. Kolinky smiled and
said, “Who is next on the agenda, Laurrie?”
The man looked back at him solemnly, “Leah, the girl who was diagnosed with cancer, but then
it went away? Well, she’s back and is having such severe repercussions; we know she won’t live but for
another day.”
        Mr. Kolinky frowned the sad kind of frown and swiftly answered, “Well send her right in.”
The girl was sent in and was checked upon. Seeing the nurses were right, Mr. Kolinky felt
compelled to make the quiet, strong little girl happy. He asked them to wait for a moment as he left the
room. He went out to his car and took out his fairy costume. He walked back up to his examination room
as quickly as he could.
      Donning the fairy wings, flower garland, and holding out the newest flower bouquet, he entered
the room again. His countenance was completely changed from that of a grave look to a small smile.
He walked up to the little girl and held out the flower bouquet and said, “I have a secret job as a fairy and
all the fairies want to give this to you. You’re a beautiful and brave girl.” Leah took the flowers from
the man’s hands, “I heard you once beat cancer!”
The girl nodded and smiled, “Yes I did. Everyone said it was almost impossible.”
      The doctor nodded, “Impossible it is, but you did show that you could put up a fight. You like us
fairies don’t you?”
At this, the girl nodded, somewhat puzzled, “Yes I do. I love fairies!”
“Well,” the doctor decided to break the news. The mother could tell what was coming and
began to sob quietly. The doctor continued, “You’re going to become a fairy soon. You’ll get to join us all
in Fairyland.”
The girl’s eyes grew wide, “Really!? Will my friends get to too?”
The doctor chuckled, “No, but you’ll get to in just about a day.”
       When the doctor finally released the girl about her day and had talked to the mother about how
long the girl had and to just let the little girl enjoy her day, he began to leave for home. He walked
out into the hallway with his costume still on and he saw standing there his daughter with her babysitter.
The little girl asked, “Daddy? Why do you only cheer up patients with that costume and make
THEM laugh? Why don’t you ever make me laugh?”
     Mr. Kolinky stood speechless for a moment, just thinking about what the girl had just said. His
late wife had died and left her child with him, whom he was not even related to but through his wife,
and yet he did love the little girl, although sometimes it was tough. He contemplated why he had
never treated the small girl like any of his other patients.
He then realized the little girl saw him as her father and loved him dearly. His eyes felt a little
wet as he crouched down and looked into her eyes. He said to her with love, “You know, Alyssa, 
that's a very good question. What do you say we talk about what it is you want you and me to do over ice
    Alyssa’s eyes widened, “REALLY!?” Mr. Kolinky nodded and when they began walking toward
the car, the little girl turned up to him, “I love you, Daddy.”
Mr. Kolinky smiled as he looked down at the little princess and replied quite truthfully, “I love
you too.”


    Professor Muttenberg checked his watch and let out a high pitched cry. He was going to be late! He hastily stuffed his papers into his briefcase, flipped the light switch, and slammed the door to his classroom. He ran down the hallway and down the stairs yelling his goodbyes to his fellow teachers. Most shook their heads at his antics, some chuckled fondly.
    The professor straddled his bike and quite clumsily pedaled to his small, yet homey apartment. He greeted Mrs. Avery and her poodle, Samson, halfway up the stairs leaving for a walk and practically ran over Mr. Smithson. Reaching his apartment, he flung his briefcase onto the bed.
    “Oh me-oh my, let’s see what I have here.” he knelt at the chest which sat at the end of the bed and pulled out his flowery wand, butterfly wings, and flower headband.
    “This should do it-now back down the stairs!” he fled down stairs falling twice and slamming into Mrs. Avery at the bottom.
    “Why, Professor Muttenberg! Did I not just see going up the stairs just seconds ago?” she huffed for it took Mrs. Avery quite some time to get down the stairs.
    “I am afraid so, and I am very sorry to greet you again in such a way. However, I am late and shall have to chat later.” The professor patted Samson and ran to his bike.
    “Well, I’ll be Samson!” Mrs. Avery chuckled as she watched him slip on his butterfly wings before speeding off.
    A couple minutes later the professor arrived at his destination and opened the heavy wooden doors.
    “Lovely evening, Margaret!” he spouted off to the young lady at the desk.
    “And to you professor!” she smiled back.
    At the door to the large room in which the professor was supposed to be stood his wife, Lois.
    “Oh! Hello dear! They are all waiting for you inside!” she said greeting him with a kiss.
    “How do I look?” he spun around. He had added his flower headband and he held out his wand.
    “Wonderful!” she laughed as she opened the door.
    The chairs were all filled except for the big one empty one at the front of the room for the professor (though he hardly ever used it). The professor scanned the smiling faces and plastered a huge grin on his own.
    “The fairy!” one of his most outspoken small friends shouted.
    “Hello children!” the professor lovingly eyed the little faces. He hoped he brightened the orphans’ day as much as they brightened his. As he opened Peter Pan (in which they had all agreed he should act Tinkerbelle in) he sighed a sigh of happiness knowing his busy schedule of juggling teaching at the university and making the little ones laugh was well worth it. He considered them his own seeing as Lois and him had never had any of their own.
    “Chapter Two.” He began being very mindful of when to switch to his Tinkerbelle voice.

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