Monday, July 21, 2014

Posting Your Own Stories

    This probably isn't going to be the biggest thing on Epic Stories, but it is going to be big. If you have written a book or short story that you want to share with other people you can send it to us.
    Depending on how many stories we have going at a time we will or will not approve your story. If we do we will put up one chapter every week or two.
     There are some requirements for stories that we post:

  1. They must be your own. The story that you put up may NOT be copy written. It must be a story that you have written on your own.
  2. No swearing. We want to keep Epic Stories morally clean. If you send us a story with swearing, we will either omit the swearing or turn down your story.
  3. No sensuality. Parts will be removed or rewritten if deemed inappropriate. Married couples kissing is fine, just try not to go farther than that. Awkward......
  4. You MUST send us the full story. Because we have to know that you aren't just going to leave it off at  a dead end.
  5. Once you have said 'ok' there is no taking it back. Your story will be posted. So make sure it that it is really what you want.
  6. Romance is fine to a certain extent. Just don't go over the top...
  7. Your story must be split into chapters. Try to keep them between five hundred and one thousand words. This just makes it easier for us to post and for people to read.
  8. You can comment on other peoples stories. Please, just be polite. TO some people writing may not come naturally. Let's just try to be encouraging:)
  Keep in mind that you may have to wait a few weeks before your story is approved. Because we have to read the whole thing first. Once your story is approved you may have to wait before we actually post it, depending on how many stories are currently being posted.

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